Limited information currently available

My study information

Starting February 15 "My study information" page will be closed. This is because we are replacing our study documentation system

This means that:

· students cannot register for courses or programmes during this period

· no results can be reported

· no results can be displayed on the "My study information" page

· no certificates can be printed off.

From February 27 you will again have access to your results, registrations, certificates and so on.

Sign up for written examinations

It won't be possible to sign up for written examinations during the period February 15 to April 29. This means that all students will be automatically signed up for all the written examinations taking place between March 1 and May 20. Students who have received pedagogical support should, while the application is closed, email to indicate the support they need at the exam.

If you have any queries, please contact the study administration on