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Changed opening hours on campus

Due to the Coronavirus and safety reasons, there are changes to the opeing hours and access to support functions on campus. Most buildings on campus are closed for students.

University staff still have access to all buildings.

Buildings open for students:

Students have access to house 7 and house 15, weekdays 11.00-13.00, closed July 20–August 9.

For entry to building 15 you need your keycard.

Access to other buildings can be given to individuals if there are relevant reasons. In that case, the course coordinator has to be contacted.


Cleaning is increased to 2 times a day (weekdays) in all available areas as above, the toilets in these buildings will be cleaned 4 times a day.

Advice for safety 

Do not sit too close, and do not gather too many people at the same time in each room.

Choose to place yourself in the room where there is currently the lowest number of people.

Access to specific houses and support functions

Building 7

Building 7 is open weekdays at 09.00 to 15.00. Please keep distance. During this time, the group rooms are open and no booking is required. Digital booking is closed.

The café is closed until further notice. 
(Restaurant Metropol outside of campus is still open.)

The reception is open weekdays at. 09.00-15.00, closed for lunch 12.00-12.30. We have also opened a digital reception via Zoom, with the same opening hours. You can reach the digital reception via the link: https://hkr-se.zoom.us/s/947864864 Outside of the opening hours you can email info@hkr.se.

The library is open weekdays 11.00-13.00. Outside of these hours, please email biblioteket@hkr.se..

The Academic Skills Centre (drop-in) is closed on campus. For more information and the possibility of booking, visit www.hkr.se/academic-skills

Building 6

The VFU administration is closed on campus and refers to e-mail VFU@hkr.se

The study and career guidance has no set opening hours during this period. You are welcome to contact student@hkr.se for guidance matters.

Building 9

The IT department is open as usual, on weekdays.
Monday - Thursday at. 08.00-11.30 and 12.30-16.00.
Friday  8.00 to 11.30.
Outside of these hours, please e-mail 3030@hkr.se.

Building 11

Central production is open weekdays 09.00 to 12.00 and 12.30 to 15.00. Outside of these hours, please e-mail 3030@hkr.se.

Building 13

Student health service has no set opening hours. Book a meeting is via contact form in the Studentportal or via e-mail to studenthalsan@hkr.se.

Building 15

Building 15 is open week days 09.00 to 15.00. Please keep distance.

The ground floor with microwave ovens, vending machines and coffee machine. 

On floor 2, five classrooms (15-221, 15-222, 15-225, 15-226, 15-227) and one computer room (15-223) are open for self studies.

The International Office has no set opening hours. For contact, please e-mail international@hkr.se.  

Building 18 and 200

Study administation, admission, degree and exam have no set opening hours. Please e-mail student@hkr.se .