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Changed opening hours on campus

Due to the Coronavirus and safety reasons, there are changes to the opening hours and access to support functions on campus. For example, house 7 is closed for self-study and the café is currently closed.

Building 7

Self-study or group work is for the moment not allowed in building 7.

The recommendation is to study from home as much as possible, in order to limit the risk of infection. If you need to be on campus, six halls in house 15, floor 2, are open for self-study (5 classrooms and 1 computer room). Remember to keep your distance.

Halls for self-study in house 15:
15-221, 15-222, 15-223, 15-225, 15-226, 15-227.


The café in building 7 is closed. Restaurant Metropol is open. 


The reception in building 7 is open weekdays at 10.00-14.00. Weekdays 8.00-16.30 you can contact us by email student@hkr.se or the digital reception via Zoom https://hkr-se.zoom.us/s/947864864.


The library is open weekdays 10.00-14.00. Outside of these hours please email biblioteket@hkr.se, we respond weekdays 8.00-16.30.

Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre (drop-in) is closed on campus. For more information and the possibility of booking, visit www.hkr.se/academic-skills

Study and career guidance

Meetings with study and career advisers are booked in advance. We are available weekdays 8.00-16.30. Email student@hkr.se, or contact us directly by phone, email or individual Zoom meetings. Contact study and career adviser.

Student health service

Contact the student health service, or book an appointment with us by the contact form or email studenthalsan@hkr.se. We are available weekdays 8.00-16.30.

International Relations 

Meetings with staff at International Relations are booked in advance. You can reach us weekdays 8.00-16.30 via email intrel@hkr.se.


Other support functions have their regular telephone and opening hours, see www.hkr.se/en