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Links below go to the University's external web page, www.hkr.se. 

General questions

Phone: 044-2503000 (switchboard)

Email: student@hkr.se

Reception in building 7: Reception, opening hours

We also have a digital reception via Zoom, with the same opening hours: https://hkr-se.zoom.us/s/947864864

At the reception desk you can pick up your completed exams. You will need to bring proof of identity and which course code the exam is for. At the reception desk you're also able to pay for more printer credit. Printers, copying machines and scanners are accessible near the reception desk.

In case of emergency

In an emergency, call 112

At www.hkr.se/emergency you will find other contact information you may need if something happens.


Email: student@hkr.se 

Faculty of Business, +46 44 2503100
Faculty of Education, +46 44 2503200
Faculty of Health Sciences, +46 44 2503100
Faculty of Natural Sciences, +46 44 2503200

Student Union

The student union represents  you as a student in various contexts, and works to give students a rewarding student time.

The active participation of students is important and necessary to
develop the educations and support activities at the university in the best way.

Visit the student union's website to see how they can support you, how you can get involved and how to get in touch with them, https://www.ksk.nu/.

Email to teachers or other employees at the University

To send an email to teachers or other employees at the University, enter the address as follows: firstname.lastname@hkr.se (Swedish vowels, å, ä and ö are replaced with a and o).


Email: biblioteket@hkr.se

Telephone: +46 44 2503059 

Library, opening hours

Help with password

As a student at Kristianstad University you will need an account to use the University's IT resources. Read more about user name and password.

Points of view and complaints

We want to know if there is something at the university that you are not happy with. On our external website you can read about how to present your views.

Access to the university's premises

To gain access to the university's computer rooms and access to available buildings outside regular opening hours, a key card is required, which is collected at Central Production in building 117.

Find your way

Map (pdf, opens in new window).