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Student support

During the time as a student, questions will surely arise about how things work. A lot of information for you who study at Kristianstad University can be found on our external website www.hkr.se/during-studies. There you can, for example, find out about:

Service and support: Functions at the university that can help you in various ways, e.g. the reception, academic skills centre, student health and study guidance.

Rights and obligations: What you can expect from the university and what the university expects from you.

IT: Several IT resources that you have access to as a student at Kristianstad University.

Can't find the answer to your question? You are welcome to visit the reception in house 7 or send an e-mail to student@hkr.se.

As a student, you also have the opportunity to contact the Student Union. The students' active participation is important and necessary to develop the educations and support activities at the university in the best way. You find the Student Union at https://www.ksk.nu

In case of emergency

At www.hkr.se/emergency you will find contact information you may need in case of emergency.