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Students have access to printers with card reader, located in public areas on campus. The printers can also be used as copiers and scanners.

You can print from a computer in the University's computer rooms or from your own laptop or mobile. Instructions on how it works can be found below and at each printer.

Your printing account

Initially, you have 25 credits on your printing account. Topping up the credits can be done online at http://webpay.hkr.se (you need to be on the University's WiFi eduroam) or at the reception in building 7.

The prices are as follows:
A4 b/w, 0.70 credits
A4 color, 1.10 credits
Duplex, 1.8 times higher the amount above
A3, 2 times higher

To find out how many credits your printing account has, log on to http://webpay.hkr.se (you need to be on the University's WiFi eduroam)

Repayment of unused credits will not occur.

Print from the University's computers

With the Pullprint system, you print from any of the computers in the University's computer rooms to a virtual printer. You then collect your printouts at any printer using your personal login, or card if you have connected it as mentioned below.

The printer you use when printing from the computer rooms is named Pullprint

Below are instruction manuals on how it works and how you can connect any card (with blip function) to the login so that you can easily retrieve your printouts without having to log in manually every time. 

Instructions for registration of card.

Instructions for pullprint.

Instructions for scanning.

Instructions for copying.

Print from your personal computer

To print from your personal computer, smartphone or tablet, use http://webprint.hkr.se. You need to be on the University's WiFi (eduroam).

Instructions for Webprint.