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Information regarding limitations in maintaining even point totals across terms under the current corona pandemic.

Students contacting CSN for loan/grants applications for the upcoming autumn 2020 term or sending transcripts depicting point totals from the spring term can forward this information from Kristianstad University:

“Due to government recommendations regarding the corona pandemic, Kristianstad University has transitioned to distance learning. This has resulted in some students being unable to complete certain course elements leading to a lower point total for the spring 2020 term. Consequently, the workload for effected students will be uneven throughout the year, as the students will be given the opportunity to complete the aforementioned elements during the autumn 2020 or even in certain cases spring 2021 term. This will however create a disparity in point distribution across the affected terms."

Best regards,

Martin Ackefelt
Head of Student Centre
Kristianstad University
Phone: 044-250 39 40
Email: martin.ackefelt@hkr.se

Information as a pdf-document