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Do you have symptoms or are infected with Covid-19?

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, you may not attend the university campus. Contact your course teacher to discuss whether and, if so, how the studies can be conducted from home. If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, you need to notify the university's Student Center. 

If you are found to be infected

If you as a student at Kristianstad University have been diagnosed with Covid-19, you need to notify Martin Ackefelt, head of the university's Student Center. E-mail martin.ackefelt@hkr.se. The Student Center then ensures that the routines at the university are followed and appropriate precautionary measures are taken.

Which students are asked to report that they have been found infected with covid-19?

  • If the student has course elements that require campus presence.
  • If the student has been on campus for the last two weeks before the infection.
  • If the student has course elements in the form of VFU, essay work or other elements that require physical meetings with classmates, supervisors, or meetings at workplaces.
  • If the student is found to be infected and has such severe symptoms that it is not possible to complete ongoing course elements.

Disciplinary measures

If you, for example, participate in a written exam on campus with obvious symptoms and do not leave campus on request, it can lead to a report to the University's disciplinary board.

According to the Communicable Diseases Act, it is the individual's obligation to prevent the spread of infection. Everyone should, through attention and reasonable precautions, contribute to preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Anyone who knows or has reason to suspect that he or she is carrying an infectious disease is obliged to take the necessary measures to protect others from the risk of infection.


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