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Contact and support

Phone: 044-2503000 (switchboard)

Email: student@hkr.se

Find HKR

Map over Kristianstad and Campus (pd. 102kB).

Study administration

For questions regarding registration, exam signup, schedule etc. contact the Study administration by email student@hkr.se or phone:

Faculty of Business, +46 44 2503100

Faculty of Education, +46 44 2503200

Faculty of Health Sciences, +46 44 2503100

Faculty of Natural Sciences, +46 44 2503200

Email to teachers or other employees at the University

To send an email to teachers or other employees at the University, enter the address as follows: firstname.lastname@hkr.se (swedish vowels, å, ä and ö are replaced with a and o).


If you experience problems with login, University computers, network, printers or computer software, contact IT support.

Contact: 3030@hkr.se044-2503030

Opening hours

Reception - Building 7

At the reception desk you can pick up your completed exams. You will need to bring proof of identity and which course code the exam is for. At the reception desk you're also able to pay for more printer credit. Printers, copying machines and scanners are accessible near the reception desk.


Email: biblioteket@hkr.se 

Telephone: +46 44 2503059